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Social Growth

FRC has a fully dedicated soical content and strategy team. They can help deliver the best photos and videos for your brand while sharing it with the most relevant social accounts. This will expand reach within your fan base and all those within your community and beyond.

Create. Share. Connect. Grow Socially.

FRCoder can help you spread and share unique brand content to social and increase consumer engagement and followers.

  • Send FRC a content brief with goals for your community and we create photos and videos.
  • Empower your community to share your content at any time.
  • Ingest content automatically with our social analysis and see what content is working best for your community.
  • Organize your community into groups and leverage FRC messaging for social collaboration.
  • Create collaborative content spaces (Brand Galleries) to enable real-time distribution of content.
  • Route content automatically to the right person at the right time to share on social and even track performance.
  • We share your content at scale and in real-time across your community’s social channels.
  • We provide text for social posts and schedule delivery of content for social sharing weekly and monthly.
  • We offer instructions and workflows to create rich social interactions for activations—Instagram Stories with swipe ups, etc.
  • Gauge your community’s social sharing activity and optimize.
  • Track performance at all levels of granularity–by post or community member(s), or signups.
  • Access detailed dashboard reporting by social channel and engagement activity.

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